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Thread: super dump - fastest 1:1 dumper!

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    super dump - fastest 1:1 dumper!

    from by tueidj

    "Recently while working on RawkSD we've had to dump a few discs (RB1/GH3/GH:A/GH:WT/GH:M/GH:SH) and I thought I could make a much faster dumper than the available ones. So using the source code for CaitSith2's dumper (based on nitrotux's work) I went ahead and did it. The results are pretty impressive: around half an hour to dump a single layer disc and an hour to dump SSBB.

    Link to SuperDump v1.2: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
    Or: superdump.dol

    - Dumps to SD, USB2 or USB1 (fallback if USB2 is not detected)
    - SDHC support under any IOS (although it tries to use IOS249 if available)
    - Ability to choose chunk sizes (mainly to suit 1GB, 2GB and 4GB SD cards) and which chunk to start dumping from
    - Checks for available free space before starting dump
    - Detection of FAT partitions other than partition 0
    - Shows time remaining (for current chunk only)
    - Unlike the USBLoader, produces 1:1 disc images and works with FAT partitions

    If you have a picky USB2 device (like kingston datatraveler DT100 keys), try starting superdump with no USB devices connected and only plug it in after the text appears. For me this avoids the "USB2 device not found, using USB1 instead..." message and I get full speed writing. Also the "Checking free space..." step can sometimes take a long time to complete for large FAT32 drives. "

    i did manhunt2 in 22minutes and works great with 8gb sd card, dumps 1 file and straight into the second no stops on fat32. get rid of iso dumper and get this, it rocks!

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    Alright im about to try this out... Hopefuly this will work better than some of the others i have used... Do i need to format my USB 8Gig Ativa to Fat or WBFS?

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    FAT mate. it works great, i love it. Saves so much time

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    Yeah its A 10000000 times faster than what i was using only takes like 20 min rather than 6 hours lol

    Wait So FAT32 OR exFAT or do i need to use just FAT
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    fat 32 i think

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCES View Post
    fat 32 i think
    its working great i think it was just regular NTFS or w.e and it worked just fine...copyed the game to a CD and it ran like a champ

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    I have tried it and it was well fast but my only problem is i have 2 bin files (0.bin and 1.bin) how to do i make them into a iso so i can burn them for my wii? any help please

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    Step 1: Put them all in the same folder, like C:/hidden
    Step 2: Open up a command prompt by clicking Start/Run and typing “cmd” and click ok.
    Step 3: In the DOS window, type “cd c:\hidden” to navigate to the folder
    Step 4: Type "copy /b filename0.bin+filename1.bin gamename.iso"

    Replacing the filenames of the iso with the actual filenames of the iso.

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    i use coverfloader 1.0 with my external hard drive, haven't had a game take over 19 minutes yet. using wbfs manager sets up your external drive in the proper format... after ripping the game to the hard drive, i can play it as is from the loader, or plug back into the pc and extract the iso using wbfs manager. it's a beautiful loader with a ton of boot options with a built-in disc-to-usb installer. can't beat that. i too dumped to pc via wifi before getting a dedicated usb hard drive. definately the way to go, especially with a deal like this - SAMSUNG Spinpoint M Series HM160HI 160GB 5400 RPM 8MB Cache 2.5" SATA 1.5Gb/s Internal Notebook Hard Drive - Laptop Hard Drives $45 for 160GB? then get a cheap enclosure for $10... you'll be loading and ripping games in 20m every time

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    and correct me if i'm wrong, but doesn't iso dumper support usb 2.0 dumping? and why would any1 dump large wii games to an sd card... sd cards are small for a reason, to go in cameras and such. but the biggest they go are what 32GB? for a high speed SD, equal in speed of a good external drive, it's a waste of $$. $77 for a 32GB sd or $60 for 160GB external hard drive with similar speed is a no brainer.

    dumping games into parts... that was 2008, when we couldn't dump to hard drives or even wifi due to lack of support. if SD dumping is one's only option, then i understand... but it costs peanuts to get an external. plus if single games get dumped to sd cards, you'd need a 4-8gb card for each game (unless scrubbed small enough to fit 2 on a 4GB) the easier and more efficient it is, the better. external ftw, just my 2 cents

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