i noticed all the games were named properly except for mario kart wii, it was named 'mario kart alternative' and well, since i'm a stickler for perfection, i found a way to edit it. albeit it is very easy, i'm not proclaiming i did the impossible, but it is pretty cool if you want to alphabetize the games a bit better, say you want 'the conduit' under c, then rename to 'Conduit, The'

to rename kart or any game for that matter, simply go to your sd card you use for coverfloader and go to \usb-loader and open titles.txt in notepad of course. to fix mario kart 'alternative' hold ctrl and press h, this brings up the replace screen. type Alternative in the find what box, and Wii in the replace with box. now the game shows up properly. do this for any other games you want to rename.

If you go into coverfloader and click 'download titles' you will replace your edits, so make sure you fix them after you do so. enjoy