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Thread: Tiger Woods 2010 PGNA GOlf NOT WORKING!!!

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    Exclamation Tiger Woods 2010 PGNA GOlf NOT WORKING!!!

    I have instaled all hacks on my wii, homebrew, backup, and starfall.
    I bought this game, and when i try to run it, it says i need to update my wii.
    So to bypass this knowing i wud get bricked if i didn't, i installed STARFALL.
    Starrfall sucessfully bypassed the update, so now when i click on the play game button to start up my new golf game, the screen goes black, my controller stops respoding, but my wii is still on.

    (I tried this game on my friends wii who also has homebrew..ect. and starfall, and he had the ame issue, black screen, unresponsive controller, wii still on.

    Someone please help me!!!

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    i too have this prob. as well
    i used the Wiu1.0
    (WIU 1.0

    Wii Iso Utilities 1.0

    All in one: Informations, check, patch, backup

    Basic Informations :

    - File name
    - Game title
    - Game ID
    - Region ID
    - Maker code

    Check :

    - Wii iso
    - Good file size
    - Dangerous update

    Patch :

    - Region patch
    - Update patch (brick killer)

    Backup :

    - Region info
    - Update partition

    Tested on XP sp2 and Vista.

    not tested on 95/98/2000/XP SP1)

    and i get a WRONG SIZE error. the file is 4.7(looked on line and say the game size)gigs.
    do i need to patch wii games or compress them...saw compressing games somewhere but have read so much lately im spinning...

    is there any apps. for the gamesas xbox has dvd2xbox that patches the ACL) ect..
    thanks and peace...

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