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Thread: D2Pro9, 3.3u, LU 608, Mysims racing, punch out, grand slam tennis, conduit not workin

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    D2Pro9, 3.3u, LU 608, Mysims racing, punch out, grand slam tennis, conduit not workin

    This is my first post and i have done some reading but not able to find a conceret answer; i have the following;
    Wii serial starting with LU 608
    Software version : 3.3 U
    D2 Pro9 mod chip.

    When i insert mysims racing, grand slam tennis and some other games i get the title page then press start and then black screen the games never load and i need to power cycle the wii to get the older games to work, i know other people have had similar issue, i have no softmod installed. I was wondering if;
    1- Seems like upgrading to 4.0 by connecting to internet or loading a backup copy might not help.
    2- Do i need to install softmod or there is some other way to do it ?
    3- I read forcing the format to NTSC 480i has helped but i can't find where to set that, i did set the country to USA.

    Will really appreciate if some one can help out.

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    You have more reading to do.

    You will need to install hombrew

    My d2pro no worky for conduit
    I used gamma to load but got 002 error. I patched the iso and reburned it.

    Post 43 is gold

    good luck
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    The person i bought the backup games from said if i upgrade to 4.0 using the internet or a US game it will install the new iso too and i wont' need homebrew. ?
    I havent' updated the wii yet though.

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    I dunno im still at 3.2; I wont take an update that limits funtionality especially one from nintendo

    No homebrew???

    Your missing the best part.
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    I used Nintendo's site(internet) to update the wii to 4.0 and now all the games are working, all i have is d2pro9, no Home brew or any other software.


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