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Thread: Need Tons of Help(SOFTMOD)

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    Exclamation Need Tons of Help(SOFTMOD)


    I'm Sterling, new to console hacking, familiar to programming and computer hacking. Enough about me, I really need help.

    *Yes, I did use the forum search, and I searched Google. So please don't refer me the search bar or Google. Please give me tips and help advice, or don't reply at all. Thanks.

    My Specs:
    1. 3.4u
    2. Have HBC installed. Tried many apps to get things installed.
    3. Have Gator Loader. 0.3 I think.
    4. Wii Music, burned to a Memorex DVD-R with IMGBURN.

    My Problems:
    1. I think I have way to many unnecessary items installed.(DVDx)
    2. Whenever I run Wad Manager 1.3, the star never appears next to the items the tutorials tell me to install.
    3. I get the 324 No CIOs error.
    4. I don't know my Serial. I Case-Modded my Wii, and left it on the old case.(Yes I know its a dumb move, you don't need to remind me.)

    What I'd Like to Know/Find:
    1. How to remove all that I have installed so far.
    2. Find a new guide that works with 3.4u with files.


    P.S. All Honest Help is Appreciated.

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    1. Leave HBC installed. It's your gateway to the world.
    2. To remove anything else, i'm serious about HBC, just go into Wii settings / saved stuff / channels / .. and erase the channels. You apparently didn't install a cios, so you wont need to remove that, and i wouldnt recommend you do that either anyway. Anything you think you installed that's NOT in your channel list is just on your sdcard. Simply delete it if it means that much to you.

    Now then, what to do?

    Follow that simple guide.


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