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Thread: update past? 4.0

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    update past? 4.0

    hi im using wii 4.0e softmod cios249 rev8 neogamma backup launcher all works great i have a backup of grand slam tennis but it loads in backup launcher and hangs on the display screen and it has the system update required in the normal (unbackuped way of loading a wii game) channel ? update from 4.0e ? i though that 4.0 was the latest version or is this some other type of upgrade im going to load brickblocker on the iso and reburn but am a little confussed to why i have too

    cheers in advance

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    Install ios 37, 38, 53, 55.

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    rars guides ???? what language are u talking lol
    will find and install these ios 37, 38, 53, and 55 i think i have two of them does it matter if i install over them ? i imagine not ?

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    well turns out i had allready had these ios's installed will try original plan and use brickblocker will post back

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    it wont matter guy. Your backup launcher doesn't read the update partition. Brick blocking will make the actual wii disc channel not show it needs an update. But it's not going to change the outcome at all. Neogamma launcher will not treat it ANY different than it is right now. Feel free to waste 10mins of your life though.

    What version of neogamma are you using? Is there a reason you're on rev8?

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    rev 8 just seem to work with everything game i tried even the latest ones i will update and report back

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    well i updated to rev13b didnt work still wanted to system update
    tried brickblocker doesnt say it wants to update but still wont work hangs on the title screen still

    back to the old drawing board

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    turns out alot of people cant seen to get it too work on backup loaders but no one had any issues on usb loader .. dang i didnt want to buy a external hard drive

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    is there any way to find out which update it is trying to install ?

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    nvm just have to force region pal forgot which one but it works now


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