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Thread: Updating to v4 while using HBC & Wadmanager

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    Updating to v4 while using HBC & Wadmanager

    **EDIT** : So I found a guide and I'm currently using it to try to be able to update and still install wad files.

    So I installed a D9Pro a long time ago (think a year, so don't remember exactly what I did) and did the twilight hack. I used this twilight hack to install HBC + wadmanager to install wads. Wadmanager is v1.1. About to install wadmanager v1.4.

    I understand that the update will not brick the wii and backup games will still work. The HBC channel will supposidly stop working? If so, then how will I be able to load up wadmanager?

    Am I then supposed to use a different program to load up wads? I did read some people have updated to version 4 through homebrew rather than on one of the newer games, will this allow HBC to still work or will it still disable it?

    The cIOS stuff I am reading about I don't quite understand. So if you reply with using a specific cIOS then could you give me a small detail about what it is exactly?

    Thanks in advance!
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