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Thread: successful disc dumping

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    successful disc dumping

    I have dumped 3 games and working on a 4th, things are going great. if anyone has any questions please tell me

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    Are you dumping discs via SD card or did you buy an LG disc drive?
    I don't have torrent site invites...

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    Ca Got Me a LG

    Picked up one from NCIX for 26 bucks, its a GDR8164B got it thursday and have backed up 2 games successfully now, The Nieces and Nefews can now play the games without my super vision when changing discs. I did recieve a error from raw dump 2, it said Your burner may be faulty or something but a reboot fixed that, I was burning with another drive at the same time, All in all the rips took about 2.25 hrs for Barnyard and 2.40 for Sonic the secret rings. Well worth the purchase of the drive and now I have piece of mind that a 60 Dollar investment cant be destroyed by the little turkeys playing the Wii! One note, I was using Nero 7 to burn the images that rawdump 2 made but one didnt read on the Wii so I tryed Image Burn, So far both burns have been successfull using Imageburn which was free from the net, Toddle Lou!

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    yea I am using an LG drive, it works perfect, every so often when you just put the game in to backup it comes up with a faulty drive code, just keep retrying it. it will eventually work.

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    Is there any difference in any of the drives from GDR-8160B through GDR-8164B? There's 5 models that work, but I'm not sure which is the "best" so to speak.


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    Usually its just revisions of the drive maybe with new firmware or faster read speeds ect. You should only be buying this drive for ripping your games so really its not that important, the main thing is it will work for what you wanna do, when you are RAW Dumping this data it reads it at a 1 to 1 spoeed so it takes a long time, about 2 hours a Wii Disc, so fancy revisions and better firmware mean nothing really, It people have verified that the drive will rip wii disc go for it.

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    can the wii even read 8gb sd cards?

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    using Rawdump

    I have seen several times were people are saying 2.5 hrs.
    I have tried three different ones and the least amount of time was 10 hrs. Any suggestions.

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    Us GDR8160B almost works

    I have this drive but I get arithmatic overflow errors using rawdump2.0
    any ideas how to fix this problem? All help appreciated


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