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Thread: bone stock wii brick w/ 4.0

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    bricked wii with 4.0 - Help!

    my bone stock wii is bricked which let me to this site. no mod-chip yet.
    i used the 4-button gamecube controller boot method to determine it has 4.0.
    Previously was working and then one day would not boot.

    not sure if mine is considered banner brick or semi-brick or maybe full brick.
    if I haven't started it for awhile, I will get the safety and warning screen.
    Hard to say if it locks up there or when I press the wii remote as nothing further displays. if I try to start up again immediately usually I just get a black screen (no warning screen).

    I'm not clear from what I've read.... lots of different info....

    Can I install a mod-chip and use the gamecube controller method to boot use Universal-Unbrick Disc v2, then what to do? (I have no mods installed.)
    can I use a 4.1 game (are there any 4.1 games yet?) and boot with the gamecube to unbrick?
    is some other method recommended based on my situation? or do I need to resort to sending it in to Nintendo?

    as far as mod-chips go, I have a d2B cut pin chip.
    any recommendations as far as a better mod-chip to go with?
    I don't know enough yet to really know and compare the features.
    I guess my main initial goal is to have some brick protection and maybe
    homebrew channel.... I don't want to find myself limited later.....

    any assistance/advice would be appreciated.
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    any advice anyone?


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