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Thread: Bricked wii nand prob

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    Bricked wii nand prob

    Ive got a bricked 4.0e wii with bootmii installed as boot2 for backup but it wont load the wii channel, hbc or any .dol from sd card. Ive tryed running cboot2 but wont work. I think this is all due to not having a patched ios60 installed before the brick to be able to run wad manager on firmware 4.0.
    Anyone know if Im right?

    In bootmii I can make a nand backup of the bricked system which I should of done before the brick and reinstall it?

    Can it fix the system errors??

    Thanks for your help!

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    Id like to know why you started a new thread about basically the same thing when you already have one started.

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    In short, no.
    Unless you go this way


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