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Thread: 3.2U with wasabi v3 (1.4 upgrade) issues with movie playback (mplayer)

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    3.2U with wasabi v3 (1.4 upgrade) issues with movie playback (mplayer)

    I have never been able to play any kind of movie on my wii. I have DVDX installer in the HBC, and have installed it before, but nothing happened. I've also downloaded Mplayer and Mplayer CE, but both just lead to the BootMii screen. Do I need to install some other kind of IOS (can't remember what I have put on it so far and can't find out how to figure out what is on it), or am I missing something else here?

    Btw, I can play game backups with no problem

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    did a little googling and found a similar problem, and I ended up uninstalling dvdX and the first mplayer and got mplayer CE to atleast open, but it still wouldn't play any of my files. I figured I would just download Geexbox and give it a try and amazingly, it did play my stuff (a bought dvd wouldn't show up, but video files on a burned dvd and thumb drive worked)


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