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Thread: Backup Launcher issues

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    Backup Launcher issues

    ive installed everything on my friends wii but the backups wont play keep getting a dvd read error (ive tried 4 different backups). But they all play fine in my wii so i doubt its the media. i had a error when downgrading the 10s35 and when i retried it said i had already run it so i installed IOS35-64 wad that the guide said to use if that happened and continued on but i had a problem with IOS downgrader where i lost connection but i restarted and reinstalled and it worked fine. either than that im not sure what i did wrong i installed CIOs38 rev13a and i even reinstalled it still said it worked but keeps giving me errors...maybe its cause ive got more than one backup launcher installed? ive got rev 4 and 6 of neo gamma and wiigators gamma .3? sometimes the game will be recognized where i get the game ID but it will end in a read error.

    Im also having issues with playing GC backups same thing happens... so im assuming they both have the same problem. the wii is on 4.0u and i used the bannerbomb exploit to get HBC on the wii.

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    You installed cios 249?

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    no i installed cIOS38_rev13a to IOS249. Oh and im not sure if this may be why but in preloader my IOS is set to 30 not sure if that matters i tried 249 but it freezes up
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    I have the same problem. one of the games i got loaded only ONCE now they just won't load. However everyone else is not having this problem. It's very fustrating because it doesn't wanna read the damn game > : (

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    I actually fixed it... i guess my friends wii is picky about what kind of media goes in compared to mine. I switched over from a playo dvd +r which works fine in mine to a sony DVD-r and the backup started working like magic. thanks for helping me jason. Stupidgamer is it just that one backup? might just be bad media or a bad burn. i guess different wiis like different media too.

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    Yea. I could have told you to stay away from +R discs as not all drives can read those. Instead stick to -R OR when you burn +R media (using imgburn) change the booktype to dvd-rom. Another thing I have read on here is that the darker the ink on the disc, the easier the laser can read it.


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