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    2 player mode

    I have recently had my Wii chipped and have been playing games I downloaded. Of the 3 games I have played so far (Pangya Golf, Sonic and the secret rings, Mario Party 8) I have been unable to add a second player. None of those games seems to have a dedicated "More" option like there is in Wii Sports. I have tried synching the second remote at various screens, but never had any success. If I go back to Wii sports and use the "More" option, the second remote synchs without any problem.

    Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be?

    Many thanks

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    i have no idea about pangya golf i dont have it, in sonic i don't think u can play multiplayer but in Mario PArty 8 jus connect the second remote by pressing any button and then play a multiplayer round/minigame. it shoulden't be to hard

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    i am sure that fifa 08 has the 2 player mode

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    After reading around, I think I may have never "permanently" synched my second Wiimote to the console. I never even realised I needed to. I think I have only ever done the "Temp Synching" method. So for example every time I play Wii sports, I have to add the second wiimote. Does everyone else have their second Wiimote permanently sysnched to their machine? By that I mean, do you not need to synch it every time you play a 2 player game?


    edited to add: the reason I am asking and not just "trying" it is because i work away from home and wont be able to check my theory out until Saturday
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    you just need to permanently sync your remote by pressing the remote and console sync buttons in the same time.

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    2 Player mode - the solution

    Hi guys just thought i would post the solution here should anyone else encounter this problem.

    The solution was as a few peopel had said, I needed to permanently synch my second remote to the Wii.... HOWEVER..... the reason this had not worked in the past I found out by digging around the internet, is that, if you temporarily synch a remote to your Wii, using the 1 and 2 buttons pressed at the same time, IT IS MOT POSSIBLE TO PERMANENTLY SYNCH A REMOTE UNTIL THE WII IS DISCONECTED FROM THE POWER SUPPLY.
    And this is what had happened to me, I bought me second controller months ago and had unknowingly only temp synched it (via the Wii sports "more" option) and once i had done that, pressing the red button would not permanently synch it until i physically unplugged the Wii from the mains.

    Thanks for help



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