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Thread: Preloader / Remote Brick

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    Preloader / Remote Brick

    Preloader v 0.29 is installed so it comes up automatically. Wii remote was programmed, reset, to play on another Wii so now it is not recognized. I can't get past the preloader to reprogram the remote. I tried with a universal remote through the USB port but nothing. Is there any way I can get around this? I am stuck on the preloader screen forever?

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    Use a Gamecube controller to control preloader directly.

    Haven't used preloader but I wonder if it's like bootmii that also uses the Wii power and reset buttons to move the cursor.

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    Thanks I try and find an old GC remote.

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    Game cube remote worked like a charm thanks!

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    How do you connect a gamecube remote? I have the same problem, and the remote, but it is circular - am I really that dense? Please don't answer that, just offer help if you would be so kind...

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    Seems like you are denser than a black hole. dont multi post questions!!

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    Thumbs down

    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    Seems like you are denser than a black hole. dont multi post questions!!
    ouch. that hurt. point taken.

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    Look for a flip top opening on the Wii that will expose other posible connections.

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    It is called a "COVER"!! learn some english man

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    Wow you are nothing but helpful.

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