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Thread: Internet Problem Following Recent Installs

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    Internet Problem Following Recent Installs

    hi folks

    Im having an issue with my wireless connection on my wii.

    I have a d2pro installed with homebrew etc and all was working fine previously.

    Recently I have been installing various updates to get around the #002 error - ciosrev13 and different backup loaders but not having much joy.

    I went to load mario kart today and got an error message to check the wii manual. I then tried mario kart via neogamma launcher and it worked fine. I tried to play online but this didnt work.

    I then tested my internet connection and got various error codes with the latest being 51331. My internet was working fine before, could the updates I have been trying to install have blocked me from getting online. I have trouble shot the router etc, new wep and rebboted but no no avaial.

    Has anyone heard of the recent updates causing internet problems?

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    sounds like maybe it wasn't so cool to cheat online. Even if all the 12 year olds are doing it.

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    anyone see this problem before?

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    I naturally assume you cheat, as 9/10 times someone comes on here saying "oh uhm ya.. so somehow uhm.. i cant play games online anymore" it's because they like to be cheating douchebags.

    I did a google search for 51331 and came up with a ton of articles. It sounds like it's definitely a router problem. The best one I found seemed to be

    Troubleshooting Wii Error Code 51331 |

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    i thought the cheating comment was a piss take. im a legit online player

    i trouble shot the router. will do another run through. just thought it may have been because of the updates i installed which is why i asked the question here

    cheers for the info

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    I'm not sure what guide you used, but i've never heard of a cios install affecting online connectivity. There's absolutely no reason it should/could. The only time people have any trouble is if they have a LAN adapater. Some cios rev's don't get along with them.

    If you're using the built in wifi.. no clue beyond what the google search yielded. Sorry.

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    no probs, cheers for the info

    ill check my router settings again


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