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Thread: I already have hard mod, should I soft mod too

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    I already have hard mod, should I soft mod too

    I have a d2pro9 rev2. Everything works great, no problems. I like the idea of the usb loader having all games on hard drive, instead of having a stack of discs. Is it worth the hassle to do this, having to always chase around for the custom ios?

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    the modchip community likes to vastly exaggerate the need to install cios's. And the difficulty in doing so. Apparently in the modchip world clicking A a few times is rough stuff.

    It's extremely easy. But that's on you. Games definitely load much faster from USB.

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    USB Loaders are just too convenient to ignore.

    I'd rather put up with the slight inconvenience of having to install a cIOS every other blue moon than search through a pile of 55 DVD-R looking for the game I wish to play, only to discover that my Daughter has used it as a dart board.

    Honestly as long as you keep up with Wanikoko cIOS 38 releases that's all you really need.

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    a big YES !


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