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Thread: Which .iso file to use?!?

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    Which .iso file to use?!?

    Hi, i have downloaded a wii game and within the folder there are several archive files (45 in total). Each one contains a .iso file. How do i know which one to use and burn to disc?

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    yes they do. There are 45 different archives in a folder and i've extracted each one and they all contain a .iso file.

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    Do a right moust click>properties on one of the files... Does the end of the file look something like this xxxx.part01.rar . And there are maybe 45 of them that go xxxx.part01.rar thru xxx.part45.rar ?

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    No really. You have no clue how rar files work. Did you follow the google link and read all the idiot's guides to rars? I bet you didn't did you? Nooo you didn't

    It's ONE iso. It's been compressed. That means made smaller. The person who did it had his compression tool split the archive into 45 volumes. That means the one iso was made smaller, and for bandwidth purposes and convenience, was split into 45 relatively smaller files.

    If you, said person that shouldn't be stealing games anymore than my grandmother, simply clicks on the .RAR file or the part01.rar and clicks .. tada.. extract. It will extract the iso.

    Also, you're 100% full of crap. You extracted 45 isos huh? How long that'd take you? At 2mins a piece that's a solid hour and a half. Not including over 200gigs of hard drive space you used. And since it's the same iso each time winrar had to ask you if you wanted to over-write it or rename it. Did that 45times in a row huh? I bet you did. That sounds plausible.


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