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Thread: New Wii FW Update released in JaPAN

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    Arrow New Wii FW Update released in JaPAN

    System Menu 4.1

    From WiiBrew

    Newer: This is the newest update
    Version 4.1 of the System Menu was built on June 24th, 2009 and released on July 3rd, 2009.
    Apparrently, [1] there is a bugfix whereby if a VC/WiiWare game is played from SD, and then Wii Sports Resort is played, it forces you to watch the motionplus tutorial, although it was meant to be only watched once, on the first run.

    From what we have heard it does just that above and has no new anti-HB software in it........but soon there will be more info

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    so far, 4.1J causes no problem.

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    @ModderMan - Thanks for the information!

    @billyhome - Good to know...

    I'll for sure be keeping a look out for more information regarding 4.1J update.

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    the big question is will this happen on the ntsc release or will they fix the game disc to work...probably will just have the update, its easier, the game is probably already in production for USA and PAL

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    Just got the message to update to 4.1. Guess it is out in the US now. Anyone tried it yet with homebrew?

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    im scared to try it out. i have backup laucher and i am loving it so i hope it doesnt screw that up. ill wait for when more ppl with cajones try it out

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    4.1 update on softmod 4.0 its all goooood

    i had the balls or not enough brains to update my wii today from 4.0 to 4.1 and i am happy to tell you all so far so good i still have my usb loader gx and my hbc all working fine 1 thing not that big of a deal i had the darkwii theme on my wii when i updated and after the update they took off my theme and had the regular system menu not that big of a deal i just used softmii tweak toy and put it back on, hope this helps u guys

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    Smile Safe to upgrade to 4.1u

    Just soft modded at 4.1u updated wii using 4.0u methods. Working like normal!!!!! Stop Being scary.... LOL

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    What's the advantage to updating to 4.1u over 3.2u? I have a d2pro (latest) and everything works just fine. I have used DOPIOS to make sure all the IOS's are up to date. So tell me where's the advantage?

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