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Thread: Got HBC installed on 4.0U, but getting ret error when trying to install IOS16.wad

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    Got HBC installed on 4.0U, but getting ret error when trying to install IOS16.wad

    So I followed this guide:

    The First Phase: Getting the Homebrew Channel.

    1. Get the SD card. Insert and open it in you computer. If the SD comes with any folders then delete all.
    2. Extract wiibomb.rar.
    3. Find and unzip it onto the SD card. Ignore all the other zips for now.
    4. Copy boot.elf to the root(not any folder) of the SD card, and rename it to boot.dol.
    5. Remove SD card. Turn on the Wii.
    6. On the title menu. Press (Wii), then Data Management, Channels, SD. Then insert the SD card. It should either pop up Load boot.dol/elf? or freeze[go to Step 6]
    5. If it pops up a dialog, then press yes. Follow onscreen instructions to successfully install the HBC.
    * If you encounter any problems from then on, don't try other versions (it won't help).
    6. If it freezes before popping up the dialog, follow these diagnostics:

    * Did you use the SD menu (4.0) or click Savedata instead of Channels? If so, then you're dumb
    * Otherwise, try a different version. Diferent .zip from wiibomb folder. The system menu is somewhat unpredictable; while most people should be able to use aad1f, some might need another version.

    Restart Wii. Congratulations! Most of you should now have the HBC, without the need of buying zelda retail. The first step!

    Second Phase : Installing IOS

    1. Once downloaded. Extract. Copy all files inside the folder into your SD.
    Please also RENAME the HACKSPAL or HACKSNTSC file depending on your region to HACKS.INI and place on the ROOT of SD.
    2. Safe Remove and insert it once again into your Wii.
    3. Start the Home-brew Channel, and load "#1 Wad Manager" you find will find in the list of programs.
    4. Select “Load From SD”, and then select “IOS16.wad” and press (+) to install
    5. Press the "Home" button when it finishes.
    6. Go into Home Brew Channel Once More And Run "#9 Wad Manager IOS16"
    10) Select "Load From SD" once more and this time install "cIOSrev7.wad"
    I get to the step where I go to Wad Manager and try to install IOS16.wad and I keep getting the ret = -1035 error. I've Googled my ass off with no luck. I'm really hoping someone here is able to help me out.

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    that guide won't work on 4 - try this instead:


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