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Thread: Backup Launcher 3g NTSC by NeoRame - Problem

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    Post Backup Launcher 3g NTSC by NeoRame - Problem

    I was debating which forum to put this in and I hope this is acceptable. I've looked a long time for the answer to this dilema and though I'm sure by now I've found it I'm a bit afraid to attempt the fix. Now then, for the actual problem...

    Error 002. Yes, I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about this error, but I'm unsure what to do. I don't want to risk messing something up with the way I currently have everything configured. I tried to run MySims Racing and I got that error; the green screen. Also Sonic Zero Gravity (God only knows why I have this game) freezes if I watch the beggining cutscene. I can live without Sonic Zero Gravity. Just thought it may affect future attempts at backup loading.

    Now for what I did with my Wii...

    I've installed "Backup Launcher 3g NTSC by NeoRame" onto my Wii by following a guide that my friend gave me. I printed it out a while back and didn't really give it a go it untill months after. Everything went well. I had a somewhat new system menu at the time so I needed to update. 3.4 perhaps? I haven't heard of this Backup Launcher in the internet before. Authors of similar names, but not the same. The guide was called "How to install the backup launcher and other stuff in a non-modded Wii guide for Dummies (with pictures)" by Wii_128.

    While following the guide I installed "IOS16-64-v257-prod.wad", "cios_fix.wad" (which seems to be interchangable with "cios_249.wad"), "cIOS Downgrader 1.2", "IOS Downgrader 1.0", "IOS36_64_v1042.wad", "mIOS Patcher" and the backup launcher itself...

    I read something about an IOS version upgrade but would that conflict with anything else I have set up? Can someone please assist me? I'm sorry for the long boring specifics, but I thought it might help.

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    get neogamma r4 or r6 that as the 002 fix build in it and install cios38 rev 13

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    You sure that wont screw anything I have up?

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    yes im sure.. neogamma is just a back up loader... and if u install cios38 rev 13 it will overwrite cios36 if u have it installed..

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    Alright sweet. Thank you.

    Edit: I did what you said. I got Neogamma 4 because 6 wasnt working. Everything runs fine but that cutscene still freezes the game. I'm willing to bet it's just the ISO itself though.
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