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Thread: getting closer to soldering

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    getting closer to soldering

    well title says it im going insane not being able to find a person to solder a new dvd ribbon connector on the wii im thinking of trying to remove the old one and re solder the new one myself but scared to haha.but if the only way to fix or be able to play my wii again i might as well try to solder it and if all fails ill just buy a new drive. any ideas or suggestions from the community here?

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    if you have warrenty on your wii still why dont you send it in to get it done by nintendo
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    Those connectors are very small and would be quite a fiddly job I'd imagine. You'd need a very steady hand, an iron nerve and a tiny soldering tip and thin cored solder.

    What's wrong with the connector you have?

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    the brown clip that holds the ribbon down broke when i flipped it up and yeah i noticed they are small lol and i dont have a warranty for 2 reaons 1 its kinda old and 2 i opened it lol

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    I'm an authority since I modded and trashed my sons xbox, I would highly recommend seeing if you could get a new drive, or take the drive to an authorized repairer (Experienced).
    Unless you have lots of experience soldering small contacts, the right low temp, small iron, and the right solder, good eyes and a steady hand (my downfall) I think you stand a greater chance of wasting your time and doing more damage.
    After having qualifications for 25+ years in electronics engineering, and a lot of experience, I still trashed an xbox, and since then, despite having 12 year old kids telling everyone it's easy, I recommend people take this gear to the appropriate people for 2 reasons. First reason, you won't trash it, second, if they damage it, it then becomes their responsibility. Many good repair personnel will often explain that a new drive (or replacement) would be the better option, but they may offer to have a go without giving a guarantee they can accomplish the task at hand.
    There is nothing better than honesty, and I would rather be told we will try but can't guarantee it can be done, than sure, no problem, then after a period of time telling you it can't be done but you owe them for trying.

    Good luck, and if you don't have the soldering experience, pick up some old circuit boards from old PC's (cards) or other old electronics equipment and practice till you gain some experience. It's best to practice on worthless junk first.

    Might I also suggest a good magnifier with a lamp, or good lighting available (head torch), and a continuity checker (cheap multimeter on resistance (ohm) setting, just so you can check for shorted solder points. If you need to use a hand magnifier, try and adapt it to hold on a simple stand constructed from a solid base with a small hole and a thin diameter pipe extending upwards, and the magnifier can be clamped with a hose clamp or zip tie. You can purchase cheap table clamp type magnifiers at your local electronics hobby store, and they are an invaluable aid.
    This frees up both hands for the job, and also enlarges the soldering area, making it much easier.
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    yeah i found a new d2c mobo for the drive on ebay for 35 not a bad price really saves me 100 bucks on a new drive all togeather haha.and thanks for the big reply gave me some better insight


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