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    Hi everyone

    I'm having a problem installing homebrew...I put everything on the SD card,copied the save to the wii memory, run the Zelda game, load the save game, walk backwards, see the black screen with white text, says it found the boot.dol, but after that I get err=c10000003 reply= <enter alot of numbers here> and after I get the message it hangs. Any ideas on how to fix this ?
    My wii version is 3.4E and the serialno. doesn't start with LB64..

    Any help much appreciated

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    make sure your card is formatted to fat32, if it is try a diff card...

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    Alright thanks for that, I guess I'll need to get a new SD as this one only formats as FAT

    ( I think I broke it cause it won't format at all anymore )...


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