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Thread: Why 4.7G

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    Why 4.7G

    Why do we download WII games in ISO format 4.7G, when we transfer the games to our Hard drives we convert them to WBFS, we can also convert from WBFS to ISO to burn on to DVD again my question is should we not download the WBFS format to use on our Hard drives and convert it to ISO if we need to burn to DVD. ?

    How many of us use Hard drives on our WII

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    How many have HD's

    I would imagine it would be because majority of the people do not run games from a hard drive, so i would guess until then it would be for those who run backups from DVD

    Also i dont know about WBFS, but with the ISO you can take out unessecary files and updates.

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    What you are talking about are the "Scrubbed" releases - basically the same as a WBFS game.
    The problem is: people without the trucha-bug will be unable to play it. So naturally, many people prefer to have the full original image, as the future of the trucha bug is uncertain - the scrubbed discs could stop working. But not as of now
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    I downloaded Conduit in 6 parts from megaupload, 2.73 GB in totoal. Extracted the first part and out pops 4.7GB worth of game. Prefect for burning or transfering to HDD. So yes, you not have to DL 4.7 GB files.

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    if the game is scrubbed, the garbage data is removed...if you rar a scrubbed image it will be much less than the original iso. if the data is left on there it is normally a full 4.7GB and will rar out to about 89-93 rars...i'd rather have a 1:1 copy with all the info on the disc, makes it more realistic for collecting purposes. some games are 0.10GB ridiculously small while others are near 4GB, depends what you want and can do with it

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    The Bigs 2

    Anyone know how to burn 'the bigs 2'? my copy is 7.29 gb, does it have to go onto a multi-layer?

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    Also, we do download the game as an .iso file. This is completely different from WBFS.
    WBFS is the Wiis file structure, the way it arranges data. Similar to Windows's FAT or NTFS.

    The .iso extension shows that it is an image of a game disc. It is just an easy format to burn back to discs.

    The file size difference has already been explained above.

    For TerryTowell: Yes the BIGS has to go onto a DVD R DL. To do this look at all the Super Smash Brothers burning tutorials it will tell you how to set up the program. I was never able to burn a working copy of Super Smash Brothers so I never played it until I started using USB loader.

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    yeah got the same problem with SSBB had to play the ripped dvd5 one.ddl'ing the 7gig one to play on my hdd. its more fun with all the moives.

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    the bigs isn't dual layer...i have the bigs 1 and 2, both are on dvd5...maybe the copy i have has been adjusted?

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    yeah you must have a ripped one nashTS,i seen a few 3.3gig iso's out there.

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