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Thread: Card for DS Lite help please

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    Question Card for DS Lite help please


    Friend has bought a second hand DS Lite for her daughter and since I have an R4 thought I would get that, but the two places I used last year are gone now, and sure things have moved on since then. Can anyone suggest which card to get, and a good reliable place in the UK to order from.


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    GBAtemp has reviews on all the DS cards, there's a lot to choose from. I have a CycloDS and like it a lot. That one is a little pricey though, maybe try a DSTT or an Acekard 2.

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    DS One, is similar to R4..check it out as it also uses homebrew ;0)

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    Buy R4 DS | R4 Card | R4 Cards | R4 | Unlock iPhone | R4 DSi | R4DS | Nintendo DS R4 postage free in uk and reasonable price, get r4sdhc then you can get upto 32 gb memory

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    Thanks for the pointers, sorted now


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