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Thread: Wii 4.0u problem

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    Wii 4.0u problem

    Hey guys. I have a wii 4.0u and i have homebrew already on it from when it was a 3.1. i accidentally updated to 4.0. So now i tried to install cios that came with gamma backup launcher but i keep getting an error everytime. So i understand that i need to downgrade to version 3.2 but i didnt have any cios installed previously so the ios downgrader app doesnt work, it just restarts my wii. I read that i could possibly do the trucha bug restorer but isnt that kind of risky or dangerous? I read it can brick a wii sort of easily? All i want to do is run backup launcher but i cant install the cios that came with gamma. What should i do?? Thank you guys for any help or advice. I really appreciate it.

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    search and look into Dogeggs' thread in this Forum ".... installation at Wii 4.0 without cios ..."

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    Thanks for the help buddy

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    I did the tutorial and it worked perfectly! Now i can play my backups. Thanks alot!


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