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Thread: internet without homebrew

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    Smile internet without homebrew

    can i still use the internet even though my wii is modded with the wasabi dx. i don't have the homebrew installed but i really just want to play online. i have the 3.4u and i want to connect with wifi. but it would be cool to use google and stuff if possible without being traced.

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    internet access is always there , no matter softmod or chipmodded. it works under the built-in WiFi feature of Wii console.

    homebrew :
    --some tools may apply network_installer (eg. cios install).
    -- browser, the OPERA is

    play online, play MK, enjoy

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    you can play online still even though your wii is modded. You can still pop in ssbb or any other game that has online capabilities and play against someone online. As for the internet browsing by my knowledge you can not browse the web without the internet channel. You can either buy it off the wii shop channel or install the wad for it but you will the hbc with wad manager.
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    do whatever you want online, but just dont cheat.

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    thanks for the help. i know everything i need to know now.


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