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Thread: Wii not reading disk.

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    Unhappy Wii not reading disk.

    I had HBC and gecko os for a few days now and everything was working fine. But today, when I was playing brawl+, it says an error has occured. I restart, and it still shows the game disk is in. So I try to load through gecko again, and I get the error again but right as I start the game up. Now, It won't read my brawl disk or my conduit disk. I have only tried those two. It might not have to do with gecko or HBC, but I think it does.

    I have wii version 4.0u right now if you need to know.

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    if u got Conduit in dvd+r, reburn it to dvd-r.
    if it still strike, show the error code/statement detail.

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    get neogamma and try it in there.. !! i get that same msg when i try to play some games through the disc channel so maybe u might just need a diff backup loader

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    Well I'm a noob. I just started with this stuff so, what is neogamma and dvd+r/-r?

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    negGamma is a kind of LOADER software for u to play backup

    dvd+r/-r is kind of storage media. nicked " the laser disc used for writing data in."
    noob needs google.

    are u playing official game disc from Nintendo ?

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    I am using the nintendo game disk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerKiwiZ View Post
    I am using the nintendo game disk.
    u're a honorable Ninty supporter.
    worng place !

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