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Thread: Back after a long time!

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    Smile Back after a long time!

    Its been a long time since ive been on these forums, or since ive touched my wii.

    my wii is hacked with the homebrew channel already, and i wud like to know if its possible now, that i can play wii games on it by downloading the games

    thanks for the support!

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    Yes you can play backups on the wii. With HBC installed on your wii you already have a foot in the door. You well need a backup launcher which I recommend Neogamma, various ios(s), and i also recommend Preloader 0.29 to protect yourself from bricking your wii. A little search on the forums should point you in the direction you want to go. If you need help or run into problems reply on this thread and I will help you.
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    now, u need a usb_hdd 500GB !

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    thanks for the help guys.
    okay so i just turned on my wii after so long and it is version 3.3u
    and my homebrew channel is version 1.0.3
    i really want to play backups oh and funny thing is, i do have a usb hdd500GB lol
    so please tell me, wat do i do

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    neoGamma ( or any LOADER )
    Wii Firmware Update 4.x
    check if ur usbhdd500GB compatibile

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    if hbc is 1.0.3, you musnt have been gone for too long...


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    hbc might hv just been updated before an on-line MK race ?

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