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Thread: Need help with playing backups,please!

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    Need help with playing backups,please!

    Hello,I have 4.0,I have installed the soft mod,HB & Backup Channel with a boot.elf i got from a vid on youtube titled how to hack wii in 7 minutes.
    Im stuck at this point as why i cannot play backup games that i downloaded from torrents and burned with imageburn on verbatim 16x dvd-r disc,
    If you have step by step instructions i would appreciate it,Im really lost on what to do next.Thanks for any info.

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    first thing u need to do is stop makeing so many post about the same thing!!!

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    if you cannot help,shut up!

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    Ok, first question is which backup loader are you using?
    What speed are you burning your games? It's recommended that you burn using ImgBurn using DVD-Rs at 1x - 4x speeds.
    What region are your games from?
    What exactly happens, why doesn't it work?

    Since you can get the Homebrew Channel running, you could install NeoGamma R6 or the 0.3 Gamma loader using a WAD Manager.
    If you want some more help, you need to provide more information.
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    excuse me. dont tell me to shut up. you are more likely to get help if u only make one post then making 3 of the same damn thing. i was going to help you but with an attitude like that you can wait for someone else or fig it out yourself~!!

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    well did you upgrade to 4.0 because i did so i downgraded to 3.2 and ill stick with 3.2 everything works on it you just loose sdhc card option all my backups work anmd ive backed them all up withj usb loader i would recomend downgrading but before you do backup your nannd with sofmii or bootmii if youve got boot2 hope this helps

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    Joey. You dont lose SDHC when you are running 3.2U. Well I mean I can put homebrew stuff and emulators on my sdhc and they still work. But yea I would seriously stop making several threads about the same thing. Another thing I wouldnt do is tell someone to shut up. Remember that you are the one thats asking for help, not us. And a mod could very easily ban you if you keep that up.

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    Also your ability to play games has nothing to do with your firmware. Every time some noob says that god bricks a wii.

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    No need to install a wad, just download the neogamma backup launcher, install dvdx and your good to go. I would recommend the USB Loader approach over the backup disc method anyday. No wasted discs, saves wii laser, and runs much smoother!!!

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    Also your ability to play games has nothing to do with DVDX. Everytime some noob says that god bricks a wii.

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