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Thread: Help please!!!

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    Help please!!!

    sorry if this seems like a noob question....
    Here's the back story:
    I bought my Wii first day it came out, got it modded a year later with a genuine WiiKey by certified Installer everything was working perfect until SSMB came out, it started have disc load problems I updated to the newest software version and everything was working again fine....but now only a couple games load(no burnt just Zelda and Wii sports...) and when I go to Wii settings this screen pops up:

    can't access any settings how ever I can still access data management...
    My Wii seems wrecked so now having to turn to my PS3 but I miss my mario and my Link and all the nintendo fun.....

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    Sorry but your wii is semi-bricked. The way to fix this is to use an official update or look for the semibrick fixer disc on


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