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Thread: Tiger Woods 2010 Neogamma R4 "Cannot read disk"

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    Tiger Woods 2010 Neogamma R4 "Cannot read disk"

    I just updated my softmod to cIOS38_rev13 & neogamma R4, when I try to load my NTSC copy of Tiger Woods 2010 I get to the EA Sports load screen and then the screen goes black and I get a green error message, "Cannot read disk...reboot, etc".
    Anyone know of a patch?

    Also, I tried setting vidpatch to all -same story.


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    Okay, I updated to cIOS38 rev13b and tried the game on the WiiGator 0.3 gamma launcher, same result "Error reading game disk...refer to wii manual..." I"m reburning the iso @ 2x instead of 4x on a verbatim dvd-r.

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    Had same issue, use Verbatim DVD-R.... change to a no-name DVD+R, works perfectly....also with "cannot read disk" on DVD-R, I removed disk and put at back and game starts-up.
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    Dont uses dvd+r. Those are very hard on the laser. The fact that the game is giving the read disc error is because the game wasnt burned correctly.

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    I have used multiple DVD-R Verbatim cut on 2 speed and same issue, DVD+R works...

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