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Thread: Usb mic issue on singing games ( help please. )

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    Usb mic issue on singing games ( help please. )


    i am looking for some help if possible please i have modded my wii so that i can run games from an external harddrive attached to the wii via the usb connection. this all works fine and i have several game that we have been playing with no problems.
    i then downloaded several sing along games but am unable to play any as the games/wii wont register the mics i have 3 different mics and none will work on my games i know the mics work as they have been tested on another none modded wii and they work fine.

    i posted before on this ( )please.html#post107494 )
    i followed what was said and all has been installed ok and again wii is working great running all that needs to be but yet again the mics will not work.

    could anyone help with this please
    thx sut

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    I wrote this for rockband instruments but, the steps will also solve your problem. I am no pro but I will try to provide additional help if i can.


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