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Thread: Loaded Sys menu 3.2 NTSC-U.wad now black screen at boot

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    Unhappy Loaded Sys menu 3.2 NTSC-U.wad now black screen at boot

    Ouch! After days of trying to softmod my Wii, I finally got it at 6 am this morning... only problem is that when I installed my preloader it screwed my Wii menu up where it would say that my "system files were corrupted". I followed the directions here and downloaded Sys menu 3.2 NTSC-U.wad. After that it restarted to a black screen. I have preloader 2.9 but the reset button doesn't help me get a menu of any sort. Tell me its not bricked! I've had it for 3 days! Any help would be MUCH appreciated.

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    find your receipt and take it back you bricked it. softmii is risky and your another statistic in the bricks caused by it. sure its cool to tell people "look i can put a burned disc in and it works!!yee haw!" but its not worth the risk. if you cannot access preloader and the system menu, you are out of luck, hope the store takes it back. if you try again, install 3 items:
    2...cIOS38 rev13a
    3...neogamma r6
    you can load whatever you want (only about 6 out of 580 games!) with this config. oh you should also install preloader 0.29 after you've got those three installed. you could look into savemiifrii to try to fix your system but i don't know much about it

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    well I actually used the LU64 fix to mod the Wii. To use the preloader I had to install a patch before installing the preloader itself. Then my menu was fucked up so I tried to reinstall the menu... big freakin mistake. I have already returned one Wii yesterday because I updated to 4.0 before looking into softmods. I guess I can return it again to bestbuy, but is it risky at all? They will probably take it back and send it right to Nintendo who would hopefully not pilfer around in it to discover HBC and cIOS. I doubt they would contact Bestbuy to tell them to get my Wii back or ask for my personal information to send over a couple of Japanese lawyers to sue the shit out of me. Ever hear repercussions for turning in bricked Wiis?

    I can do that, or I can get a $30 SaveMii (the money doesn't worry me because I'm gonna do it again somehow I bet). What I want to know is.... since taking my gamecube remote apart (pain in the ass) didn't work, will SoftMii be useless too? Is it the exact same exploit? Would it be a total waste of time and money?

    All your help is GREATLY appreciated! What a bummer! WTF did I install preloader for? Brick protection?.....a menu?

    ***edit... Just to describe the symptoms better (to know if my Wii is indeed ruined beyond all repair) The lights all work, the CD drive still works and spins, and the remote doesn't respond (blinks). There is a blip of grey when I turn it on and then total darkness.***also.... I have bootmii installed if that makes my chances any better.****aaaaaand I backed up my NAND. Repair possible?
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    have bootmii installed,...yes,.....that makes chances much better.

    with NAND backed up...... ever much more better. Definitely Repairable..... if u just want to hv fan and not intend to return for Ninty replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    if u just want to hv fan and not intend to return for Ninty replacement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by philyll View Post
    who suggested u to return to Ninty ?

    typo: fan X
    fun V

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    And so ends the saga of my second Wii. I am on number three now! (I didn't brick the first... just couldn't hack 4.0 to save my life)

    So I am going with a sauderless mod chip now. If anyone has any advice for me thats not on the stickys please feel free.

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