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Thread: blue screen 002 error conduit

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    blue screen 002 error conduit


    So i'm using gamma backuplauncher with 3.2u wii.
    all my other games work fine.
    However the conduit gives me a blue screen with the 002 error.

    what to do?
    All the ios's are updated.

    (links to downloads and specific instructions)

    I have tried replacing some .dol file but that didn't work and i don't think i'm doing it right.

    thanks in advanced!

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    This is an easy fix and if you would have searched a bit more you would have found a solution. You need a new backup launcher with 002 fix. NeoGamma r4 is a great launcher and has the 002 fix.

    Edit: NeoGamma r4 NTSC autoboot
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    Smile thankyou puma1

    you are a champion well the guys who made the new backup launcher are champions cos i can play indiana now thanks to the new launcher with the 002fix. i have fw 4.1 and also have a wii key and everything is running perfect. no probs with hb. AWESOME...

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    you can also dlete the 002 error from the game it self.

    here you will find wii scrubber and GWP.


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    i wanna ask you how i could play newer games like Spectrobes: Origin on my wii.
    I currently have a 3.2U fw, hardmodded, wii homebrew channel. I know that there is something called CIOS and IOS ( I do not know the difference) Please give me specific instructions.

    P.S. I am only a 14 years old so pardon me for my ignorance.
    A million thanks and very much appreciated

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    i have same firmware like u..i dont have spectrobes yet but new games i can play like conduit..i updated my ios..then install neogamma and load the games with it?
    neogamma blocks error 2 and load games with no probs


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