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Thread: Can install custom wads but not DVDx

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    Can install custom wads but not DVDx

    Hello everybody,

    First up; a bit of background information.

    The Nintendo Wii was bought second hand and it was already updated to the latest menu version 4. I have followed many guides that're around and FAQs on the forum as to what to do but I am still having this problem.

    The problem comes when installing DVDx it has error return 2011

    What have I done before and after this?
    Well before it I followed the FAQ on how to install the homebrew channel and IOS35 on a system menu v4 wii. Everything installed quite happily; still DVDx didn't want to play ball; installing in either IOS35 or IOS249 slots.

    Then I tried to downgrade the IOS to 3.2, which it did. Still DVDx didn't want to play ball, even after ensuring the custom IOS was installed properly to it's respective location.

    I then looked for another guide in assistance, and found the one where you downgrade to IOS16, and then run the cIOS_fix. Nope, no luck there. It installed; but it didn't happen.

    I tried to look for PatchMii thinking that it would help. Nope, doesn't do a thing, even after downgrading the system menu version / IOS as I hear the more recent IOS installs a 'dummy' IOS254 to block it.

    So I am at my wits end so far; I have yet to try a factory reset because it's now being used by my parents and I do not want to lose their mii's, savegames, etc. So I am hoping for an alternate solution here.

    Any takers? Thanks for reading.
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    Finally made some progress;

    After putting Super Mario Galaxy into the wii and using the guide at to install the wads; and then using the following guide to install cIOS 35

    I was then able to run the homebrew channel (it broke after installing the standard wads) and scrap IOS 51 and IOS 254 (just to be safe). DVDx then installed. So now following the other guides there.

    So far so good.
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