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Thread: Re-doing a SoftMod...?

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    Re-doing a SoftMod...?

    Is it safe enough to just re-do a soft mod?

    I modded my Wii quite a while ago now, and got quite a few games added to my collection, but now, not a single new downloaded game will play!!

    Whilst doing a bit of research on the site, and looking at other sofmod methods and what other people have done, i'm concerned i didnt "complete" the mod in the first place??

    I am still running on version 4.0, yet i thought that when i modded it i downgraded so that it would work, i have no Gecko installed with my homebrew channel?

    Please pardon any ignorange i may be portraying with regards to the whole modding concept, but i thought i had it all sorted and figured out, yet since the games i download dont play anymore (exept for the first few i downloaded) i seen to have hit a brick wall.

    I'm not on here for someone to post me all the answers, just a bit of guidence and a push in the right direction would be a great help!

    Hope someone replies...


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    re-doing? just update cios to cios38rev13a, and updated to neogamma r6. no need to change anything else

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    Ok, cheers for that,
    just update cios to cios38rev13a

    Just looking through the site now to figure out how to sort this, could you elaborate on how to do this update please vashTS?

    I've just dowloaded the files to update to neogamma r6. If i just put these files onto my SD card and read them as i did when i installed the mod, will that sort it?

    Thanks for your help on this one... so close again now!
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    I have just downloaded neogamma r6. and found the download for
    cios38 rev13,

    If i add these to the apps folder on my sd card and install via a network connection, will this solve my problem?


    Edit. I've just read i need to install IOS38-64-v3610.wad prior to installing cios38 rev13? is this right?

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    no, you put IOS38-64-v3610.wad i nthe root of your sd, go into cios installer, and choose wad installation. then cios will install the patched version of IOS38-64-v3610.wad for you.

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    Thanks for that ThetaSigma, Great help!


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    yeah you can do wad install if you want, its a little quicker and if you don't have internets on your wii its necessary. but if you update to that, and install neogamma r6 (r7 was just released as well if you search) you should be fine, don't worry about anything else on there, it wont hurt anything, unless of course you have softmii, then you are in trouble because i don't know how to uninstall that! you should also get preloader 0.29, its good if you get into trouble somehow...also get ios 38,53,55 updated as well you may have them but if you don't here's the link

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    Thanks for this help guys,
    It is a soft mod and i downloaded and installed last night, but i did it via a network install instead of wad install, safe enough to just re-install it via wad?

    Also i Have neogamma r6 in the apps folder of my SD card, but it seems to only be something i can access via menu as appose to an install? is this right?

    This is really helping me to understand the whole consept better, Cheers

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    if it installed by network, you dont need to put wadd on there now. but more people have trouble with wad installations. eg i can never get any of the network installs working.


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