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Thread: WADder.... i *think

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    Talking WADder.... i *think

    Hello everyone! im looking for an easy way to simply place a couple .dols on my SD card as a channel. Is there a Simple way to do this? also, im on a linux client as well (ubuntu) i've had no success digging up much info.. any help would be GREAT. thanks in advance for any input as always,

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    If you want to launch an app from the sysmenu screen u need the .dol in a .wad and install with wad manager.

    latest version of wadder (2.7.3) over at
    You can dive in and have a go yourself from scratch, alter an existing wad with your own banner/sound/dol, or even easier - search almost all apps have been 'wadded' already, which ones u after?

    Oh and dont forget, you can have the full app.dol embedded into the channel wad, or use a forwarder that points to the HBC app boot.dol (this saves space on the wii )

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    By the sounds of it, id be looking for a *forwarder* im after just two, the new mplayer ce "christmas edition" from the HBB, and the snes emu from the HBB. thats all


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