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Thread: Web cam app for the wii

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    Web cam app for the wii

    I plan on learning to program for the wii and had an idea in mind. I haven't seen anything that will let people do anything with webcams on the wii. I was just wondering if anyone would be interested in a program that would let you take and record both video and picks, stream and receive video from others.

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    I guess that's a no?

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    its a good idea, i may just steal that idea :P got it patented yet? xD

    if you like i could draw plans up, send me a pm blah blah... and il get involved if you want me to help.
    Here to help in anyway shape and or form (or at least try, ive been out of the wii scene for quite a while)

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    Any cam app yet?

    Hi, I would like an app like this! Was just looking for a Wii app, where I can connect mye USB cam and use it for "surveillance". I would like to be able to access the camera through the internett (should be password protected...)...

    Can't find any app for this! Any ideas?

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    That's because there is none. You can't even use a webcam with the Wii so I don't even see where this idea is coming from. Also look at the date this was originally posted.
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