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Thread: Need help with my soft mod hack

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    Need help with my soft mod hack

    Ive installed homebrew and backup channel on 4.0 version,but i still cannot get any downloaded games ive burned to dvd to using imageburn,verbatim 16x dvd-r's,burning at 2x,when i put in wii and hit backup channel it just goes to black screen,and the disc makes a repetitive sound in drive.Please help!! will provide any additional info if needed,Thanks

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    what guide did you use??

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    i used the hack wii in 7 minutes guide on youtube,it was where you copy files to sd card and then put in wii,and go to to data management,then channels,then sd card option,then it pulls up run elf file?? i think,im getting the file as we speak,will send in a minute,sorry for delay

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    it was boot.elf then i ran through a bunch of settings,then the hbc and backup channel was there,just cannot play games


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