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Thread: Help a noob out? :)

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    Help a noob out? :)

    Hi guys... Thanks in advance for reading and replying. Here's the problem I'm having that I have not found while reading through the forum:

    I have a Wiikey 2 on a 4.0 firmware. Recently, about half the back ups I have burned at 2X on imgburn have given me a black screen after it turns up fine on the game channel on the wii menu. The CD's I've been using are DVD-R Sony Accucore... the back ups that were burned previous to this problem still play fine. What might the problem be? I'd also like to add that I've never upgraded the firmware of the wiikey 2 inside and just recently found out here that there's even a disc and menus for it... Is that right?? Thanks for taking the time guys! The help is appreciated.

    - J

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    your burner could possibly be going bad. I'm not up and up on modchips. But I know there was a thread about a week ago where a guy tried everything under the sun he could think of. Once he burned a game using his other burner, same media, same everything, it took just fine.

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    So is there an update for the wiikey 2?

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    first thing you should do is update it. then the games should work fine and dont worry about slow burn speeds, it doesent really matter at all but aperently it has proof that it is better to burn slower, so at least use 4x or you will be waiting forever. the wiikey 2 is the best chip ever according to me, and a lot of people so its not the chip. your media is fine, it is probably better then what a lot of people have. i never really got to burn the update cd, so i never updated it but it still works with every game even the ones that seem to have the most problems.

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    Question Ok...This is what I've done...

    I went to the official wiikey site and downloaded the iso image for USA region update/config combined. I burned it successfully, ran the CD on the Wii and it took me to the menu where you navigate with the reset button. Does this mean it automatically updated my wikkey 2? No other menu came up, and I changed no settings. Still getting black screen for some games...could this just the downloads are bad? Is there something I'm failing to do to use the update files on the DVD? Thanks again!

    - J


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