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Thread: Semi-bricker 4.0u with preloader

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    Semi-bricker 4.0u with preloader

    I know which wad i installed right before the brick which casued the brick can i just uninstall that wad or do i follow the semi-brick walk through?

    Edit: With some searching i have fixed my brick For others information this is what i did to brick and unbrick. I reinstalled iso60 for some reason(don't ask me why) which caused the brick. With Preloader being installed (THANK GOD) i loaded HBC and reinstalled Preloader and BAM no more brick! All credit to *---> Dogeggs <---*
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    The guide I had followed mentioned to install IOS60 BEFORE Preloader, otherwise you get a fixable brick. Because if you install Preloader (which uses IOS60), then IOS60 - you overwrite Preloader!
    The fix just said to reboot into preloader and then reinstall preloader! Good job.


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