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Thread: New Zelda Game

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    New Zelda Game

    New Zelda Game for 2008

    set in the future!!

    YouTube - / Exclusive: New Zelda Announcement

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    hope that this will be a great wii title

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    I remember seeing this months ago and its good to see it again.

  4. #4 sure ill put this game on my wish list for 2008

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    its a fake.... sorry to disappoint u

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    Obviously its a fake but if for some reason they ever decided to make a zelda game like that it would be pretty cool.

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    Wierd, they just came out with a zelda game, yet there making plans for 08, my brother works for nintendo, I whould have to ask him to see the truth, sorry.

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    yeah i heard it is a fake as well...too bad~ sigh

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    i think i read about that a while ago.
    i think it was a april fools joke

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    Itīs a fake... Itīs not like Link is going to use guns, or use cars....
    That just wouldnīt sound like Zelda anymore...

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