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Thread: Original Games on downgraded (3.2u)?

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    Original Games on downgraded (3.2u)?

    Okay so I followed the guide to load up homebrew, downgrade to 3.2U, and install the preloader.

    I got a few of my backups to work on an external HD. (Yay!)

    Problem is, when I want to play the original of some of my games, I cannot load them without the wii upgrading it self.

    Is there a way around this?


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    i dont know much about this stuff yet, but it seems i over heard people saying that A way to fix that problem is to use some tool to alter the .iso so that it doesnt try to update....... lotta help i am lol

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    ur talkin about brickblocker. but that wont work for an original game.. only works on back ups.

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    well I think preloader has a setting that will disable disc updates. Though if preloader works the same as starfall, when using an original copy game, when it loads it will just give a black screen (where the update would occur) thus you cant play the game. A way around this though is to download gamma and run thos update games through that. Ofcource youll still need preloader set up to disable disc updates.

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    or get neogamma r4 or newer.. and load it through that. i have done that... bc for somereason i got it so i can load back up games though disc channel but not originals. it says something about an update. ( which i ended up doing and it put the forcast channel and shop chan. back on my wii) i deleted them. but ya neogamma will play them too!!

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    Ok Neogamma loads my normal games but the disk loader is still useless.

    Thanks for the replies.


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