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    Weird Question

    I recently formatted my Wii, wanted to start over, and.... What happened is weird. I have had this Wii since Christmas (Pre 4.0u) and when the Wii got done formatting, it was still at 4.0u. So my question is, do I or don't I have my cIOS that I installed before formatting the Wii?

    Thanks for answering my question!

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    formating the wii will still leave u on what ever system menu you where on. all it does is erase all ur channels and saved game files that where not oem!

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    Ah, So I still have my cIOS's, right?

    Thanks for explaining about the System Menu.

    *I was like, "what the heck" when I saw 4.0u.*

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    ya as far as i know u still have the cios's i formated mine after i updated thinkin it would take me back to 3.4u and it didnt and that is what i was told.. so....

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    OK, thats what I wanted to know. (Did not want to have to install anything again)

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    Ya, maybe if you just erase your channels you'll get unbanned for being a mario kart cheating pos. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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