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Thread: Is Preloader Recommended?

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    Is Preloader Recommended?

    Just wondering if i should install it. Im not sure what all else it does other then give shortcut to homebrew channel and stuff. I dont have it and i dont mind how my wii operates is there anything specifically good that it does? that i should need to install it?

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    the only downfall to preloader is that some ppl includin myself have had " system menu files are corrupt" pop up after installing it. its good to have though bc if u semi brick ur wii u will still be able to load hbc if preloader is installed and will be able to have a better chance of fixing ur issue! after i had it and that happened i never reinstalled it after i reinstalled system menu.!!! but thats just me

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    it's like playing russian roulette and the prize is a bullet proof vest.

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    Hi CbJones26,

    How did you restore your system menu? I have installed preloader v.29 and not liking the fact that I can't get to the system menu. I am getting the error you described "system menu files are corrupt".

    I have 3.4u LU64 Wii soft moded with HBC installed and working.

    Never Mind: Downloaded the SystemMenu-NTSCU-v385.rar (Thanks Dogeggs) and installed the WAD inside via WAD Manager 1.4. Since preloader was working accessed the wad manager 1.4 through HBC option in preloader. the rest was simple enough following the prompts and directions. Viola system menu restored and now I have neogamma R6 channel, which rocks.
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