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Thread: How can I install cIOS 36 rev08?

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    How can I install cIOS 36 rev08?

    I need it to play SSBB PAL as I'm getting the DVD Read Error 324 error. I tried running some Spanish installer that was suppose to do it, but now there's just cIOS 249 rev08 and cIOS 36 1044 ( I think, it was 1000 something ) in the cIOS list in Softchip.

    How can I get cIOS 36 rev08 in the Softchip cIOS list?

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    put the IOS36 rev8 in the Apps folder. Make sure name the file to "boot.dol". Make sure your Wii is connected to internet. In your HBC, run the IOS36. In the installer, choose "Network Installation". Then run the install and be patient. The whole process is approximately 5 mins.

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    I did that but I still just have cIOS 36 rev1042 and IOS 249 rev08. Neither load the game. I just get DVD Read Error 324.

    Is something wrong with the cIOS 36 rev08 install? Or do I need to downgrade from 3.3E to 3.2? Or do I need to burn to a DVD DL - disc instead og +?


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