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Thread: SSBB PAL DVD Read Error 324

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    SSBB PAL DVD Read Error 324

    I have a PAL Wii, 3.3E. I have Backup Channel and SoftChip installed.

    I downloaded SSBB PAL DVD9 here, following the burning instructions carefully. I had to burn it on a Maxell DVD+R DL though as I couldn't get Verbatim. I don't think that's the problem though.

    I then tried running it on Backup Channel and SoftChip but get the error "DVD Read Error 324".

    I read someone that I might have to run the game with cIOS 36 rev08 but I only have cIOS 36 rev1040 or something like that which didn't work.

    Do you know what the problem might be? If you too think it's the cIOS, how can I update the cIOS to 36 rev08?

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    error 324 = ios or media issue
    did u awared of the laybreak on using DVD9 for SSBB ?
    contact Dogeggs for cios and ios library.

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    Like I said, I followed the instructions so yes I did layerbreak.

    Thanks . I'm just wondering how cIOSes are installed? Is it through HBC?

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    wad files
    hbc , wifi or wad manager

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