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Thread: WAD Manger 1.4 problem with 4.0?

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    WAD Manger 1.4 problem with 4.0?

    I'm having problem loading my wad.

    I'm using 4.0 and when trying to load new wad off my SD card via WadManger 1.4 all I get is a menu where I need to pick CIOS.

    I don't see all my wads in wad folder, all I see is bunch of CIOS and it's asking which CIOS i want to use. How can I load new wads with wadmanager 1.4 and 4.0U?

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    1. D-pad to move cursor to address the wad file
    2. + key to select the wad file
    3. A to confirm the install
    4. others..... be smart of yourself !


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