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Thread: Help from my dark bricked days

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    Exclamation Help from my dark bricked days

    Need some help please!! Ive got preloader v0.29 and bootmii as boot 2 just to make sure Im 90% safe from bricking my wii running on 4.0E and I just rebooted after installing cIOS38 rev13a then BOOM a warning message came up saying theres a prob with the system menu. So I turned it off and on holding the reset button but I just get a blank screen but Ive had preloader working many times before so then I just press reset and bootmii loads YEAH! but the HBC wont work and I carnt load anything on my SD card. Ive not made a backup of the NAND cause I thought preloader would not fail . I was told to try cBoot2 so when I did I get a message saying-
    cBoot Dol loader IOS version 2 v16 0x00020010
    Fallback ios loaded
    init FAT driver failed.
    failed to load boot.dol from front SD card reader. Does anyone know what it means and what am I doing wrong?
    Any help would be a blessing. Thanks.

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    reformat SD card, copy in the file and do it again

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyhome View Post
    reformat SD card, copy in the file and do it again
    Ive tryed but dont know what and were to put on SD


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