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Thread: first poster, problem,what to do next??

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    first poster, problem,what to do next??

    First of all, hi guys, great forum, a massive information overload station, lol.

    Anyway, trying the softmod option using the "wii softmod for dummies guide".
    Now here's were I'm at and I seriously have spent the last 2 hours scouring, reading so much information off this forum , it really is just to much to even get close to my next choice for my problem.

    OK I have a Euro, (UK) Wii, currently on 4.0e firmware,
    I start the guide, everything goes fine right up to step 8 Installing channels, right at the "wadbatchinstaller.dol, part,
    I click A, and then get a >> Installing title... ERROR! (ret = -1035, click A to reboot.

    It then just reboots to main screen, and still has 4,0e firmware, and nothing has changed, I have tried this a few times with the same result.

    Now before anybody says, I have read up on the "error1035" posts, but this is the reason I'm writing this post, it all just goes off in a myriad of directions, and I just dont know what choices if any I have for my firmware version and my problem, so I can get this excellent homebrew/back up thing working on my system.

    So really I'm not asking to be led by he hand, just some concrete advice, and an answer really, on were do I go to try and get this dummy guide to work, and hopeful get past this 1035 error.

    I guess its the down grading problem that's happening, having had a quick glance I see it all points to trying to get the wii firmware downgraded to 3.2, but I haven't seen a clear helpful way for anyone running 4.0e, and this is really what I'm after.
    Also I see when any downgrader is tried, I'm I led to believe I just come and run this dummy guide again, to get all the right stuff installed??, because again I dont see anywhere it says what to do after a 1035 fix.

    what we need is, a dummies guide for folks who have tried this and got 1035 errors, lol

    Thanks for any help in advance.

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    To fix 1035 you have to uninstall ios249, try using cios uninstaller and then try the batch installer again...


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